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Tooth Extractions Remove Your Problem Teeth

Just the phrase “tooth extraction” sounds ominous. However, with modern medical technology, teeth extractions don need to be terrifying; in fact, delaying a tooth extraction is more detrimental to your health than simply making the dental appointment.


Why Do I Need an Extraction

A tooth extraction involves a qualified dentist removing a tooth from its socket in the bone. A variety of reasons exist which might force an individual into a tooth extraction; impaction, for example, occurs when a tooth tries to grow in without the room to do so. Impaction is the reason most wisdom teeth require dental extraction; they are naturally positioned to grow in without the space to grow into. Teeth which are too far decayed for restoration may require extraction. Also, if youe undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure such as teeth straightening, unnecessary teeth may be extracted to make room for your ultimately ideal smile. This orthopedic dental procedure may involve traditional braces or cosmetically enhanced invisible aligners.


The Lakeway Tooth Extraction Process

Your dentist will likely suggest you not eat after midnight the night prior to the procedure. The extraction process generally requires an anesthetic, allowing you to be sedated during the actual extraction, not feeling pain nor remembering it later. Your Lakeway sedation dentist will disconnect the tooth tissue from the bone, then, piece by piece, extract the appropriate tooth. Occasionally, stitches are required. If so, they will either dissipate after a few days, or your dentist will schedule you for a follow-up to remove them.


Post-surgery, you will need a few days to heal. This is natural; clear your schedule for a few days to guarantee youl heal correctly. Your local dentist will prescribe you the necessary painkillers; you should supplement the pills with ice packs on your cheeks and propping your head up, to minimize the bleeding.


If youe concerned about a tooth wellbeing, contact a qualified local dentist to discuss your options. For example, Dr. Dlfonso, D.D.S., offers free consultations to new patients at his Lakeway dentistry practice, conveniently located just a few minutes west of Austin proper. Call to schedule your free appointment today.

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