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Used BiPap Machines  A brief guide to safely purchasing a used BiPAP machine from a third party source.

A BiPAP machine is the key to a good nights rest for many thousands of people who suffer from the disorder known as sleep apnea. The BiPAP machine is all that stands between them and the dreadful experience of constantly fighting to breathe all night long.

For most, acquiring a BiPAP machine is as simple as being evaluated during a sleep test and then being assigned the BiPAP machine, which is usually paid for by insurance or Medicare. However, for whatever reason one may wish to purchase a used BiPAP machine independently, one must be extremely cautious about the machine that one chooses.

Many providers of such machines will con you into purchasing a cheap machine that has many defects or does not function properly, or that doesnt last as long as implied. To prevent this, a few simple steps can be taken to ensure that the machine you purchase is a high-quality used product that will last a reasonable amount of time after the purchase.

The first step to take is to identify the model of BiPAP machine you wish to purchase. By selecting a model that has all of the features you are looking for as well as reviews for being a durable and high-quality machine, you raise your chances of finding a used model that is still in excellent working condition and that satisfies your requirements. Once you have chosen a model, you must then find a provider to purchase it from.

Finding a reputable provider is important because they can help you choose the correct used machine for you as well as provide assistance in its setup and configuration. Providers that are helpful in choosing a machine as well as forthcoming on the condition of the machine are very important and increase the chance that your purchase is a good one. Also make sure the provider has a return policy that allows for the machine to be thoroughly tested, allowing you time to make sure the quality of the machine is up to par.

Also, be aware of the policy dealing with returning defective machines, especially after a longer period of time has elapsed.

Once you have found a provider that satisfies the above criteria, you should ask for a demonstration of the machines functionality. This will allow you to preview the machines quality before making the purchase and having to deal with returns. Once you are satisfied and have made the purchase, you should run your own extensive tests under the conditions that the machine will be working under. Be absolutely thorough in your testing, as you do not want to learn your machine is defective while you are relying on it for treatment. When you are satisfied that the machine is functioning properly under the conditions it will be normally running under, you may then begin to use it as treatment.

Picking out a used BiPAP machine may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of common sense and a lot of questions, youll be able to find a machine that is right for you. Ensure the machine is in good working condition, both before and after you purchase it, and dont be afraid to be frank with your question. The provider should be more than happy to accommodate all inquiries into the item if the machine is truly what they say it is.


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