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Used CPAP Machines  A brief guide to buying used CPAP machines from third party sources.

When buying a used CPAP machine, one must be careful that it is not only from a reputable source, but that the machine itself is functional, well serviced, and not overly used. There are many sources for used CPAP machines, and not all of them are completely honest about the products they sell.

There are also many sites on the internet that auction used CPAP machines, sometimes from private sellers, and caution should be exercised when purchasing such machines. There are several ways to protect yourself and become informed of the type of CPAP machine you are purchasing to prevent the purchase of a defective machine.

The first step is to find a reputable source, be it a resale store or a website. Stores that you can actually visit and talk to a representative directly about a particular used CPAP machine are your safest option, as you can not only get one on one answers from an expert, but also view and test the machine before actually purchasing it. There are also websites on the internet such as that hold the sellers responsible for their items, who often have return policies if the item is not satisfactory. This responsibility is a benefit to look for, as auction websites that have no responsibilities placed upon their sellers promote false information and increase the likelihood of buying a defective machine.

Websites that sell the used CPAP machines directly are also a good choice, as long as they are reputable sources. A quick search on the web will reveal which online stores are reputable and which are notorious for scamming customers. The things to look for wherever you purchase the used CPAP machine are return policies and responsiveness to questions, concerns, and customer support, and its good to keep in mind that if its too good to be true, it probably is.

Once youve found a reputable source, you must scrutinize the items for sale thoroughly. If you dont read all of the fine print you may end up with a machine that you did not think you were purchasing. Make sure that the machine functions correctly, and that it doesnt have a large amount of hours on it, otherwise its life may not be very long in your possession.

If you feel that the information provided on the machine is inadequate, be sure to ask questions. Never go into an agreement blind, if you simply cannot get the information you need, do not purchase the machine. The more you know about the machine, the better chances you have of getting a machine you want as opposed to a defective or malfunctioning machine.

Once you have purchased the device, you should thoroughly test it once again, and become familiar with the controls. It is recommended that you learn how to access the clinician menu so you can adjust the pressure and other settings to your personal specifications. Once you have assessed the condition of the machine, and found it to be in good working condition, you may then begin use of the machine with confidence.


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