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Utilizing Sound To Enhance The Healing Experience

When considering sound as a medium for producing trance, relaxation, and enhancing the healing process, we are faced two major questions : First, what are the most efficacious methods available to produce repeatable, quick results for the broadest spectrum of people? Secondly, what are the best methods of delivery for these sounds/frequencies? To address the first question, let us observe that there are several techniques, and yet all of these techniques are based upon, and function because of certain scientific principles. The number one factor that determines the effectiveness of any technique is the phenomena of entrainment (also referred to as frequency following response or FFR). This is a naturally occuring phenomena that occurs between any set or group of oscillating bodies, whether they be living or non living. It is a matter of energy efficiency that oscillating, or vibratory systems are working in harmony, as disharmony leads to tension and breakdown of the system, i.e., to gain and maintain homeostasis is the natural purpose of entrainment. One example of this was originally observed by the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens in 1665. While working on the design of the pendulum clock, Huygens found that when he placed two of them on a wall near each other and started them at different times, they would eventually end up swinging in unison. This led him to define entrainment as a synchronization of two or more vibrating bodies that have similar rythmic cycles, and now we understand that homeostasis is the goal of this phenomena. Entrainment is naturally occuring all around us, from the quantum to the galactic level. In the context of sound and entrainment, typically the process is referred to as brainwave entrainment. When utilizing techniques that drive the subjects brainwave activity into desired frequency ranges, this is brainwave entrainment, and is usually accomplished using stereo headphones. We will delineate which processes require stereo headphones, as well as those that do not, as the latter techniques are also effective and may be more practical for delivering results to a larger segment of the population.

1. Binaural Beat Stimulation – This technique requires the listener to wear stereo headphones. A tone of a predetermined frequency, let’s say 100 cps (Hz) for example, is played through the right side (99-100% pan), and 110 cps is played through the left side (99-100% pan). The resulting differential beat of 10 cps is synthetically created in the corpus callosum of the brain. The brain takes the audio signals from both hemispheres and actually internally creates the 10 cps beat. Our brains are compelled to do this in order to comply with the laws of physics, as this beat frequency would exist as the two frequencies interact in the air (this is how our brains locate the source of incoming audio signals). This activity creates a state of bi-lateral processing or hemispheric syncronization, and guides the primary brainwave frequency down to 10 cps, the alpha state. This is the most common method of brainwave entrainment. There have been many clinical studies showing the reality and effectiveness of this technique, and there are several companies producing products that utilize binaural beat technology.

2. Heterodyne Beat Stimulation – This technique differs from that of binaural beats in two basic ways. First, a heterodyne beat is created when two frequencies interact, i.e., 100 cps and 110 cps will generate a 10 cps heterodyne beat. This is what happens in nature, and when we hear this beat, it is already there, our brains do not need to synthesize anything. Secondly, as it would seem, the heterodyne beats will be present whether headphones are used, or any other audio playback device for that matter. Heterodyne beats can be just as effective as binaural beats, and yet there is no hemispheric syncronization, although there are other ways to sponsor that activity when neccessary. By using either binaural or heterodyne beats, desired states of brainwave activity, and the resultant states of enhanced awareness and well-being, can be attained easily and enjoyably.

3. Resonant Frequency Stimulation (Sympathetic Resonance) – The best way to elucidate the concept of sound resonance is to bring up the familiar idea of the opera singer that shatters the wine glass. She does this by honing in on the particular resonant frequency of the glass, (the pitch is apparent by tapping the glass), and she sustains the note with as much amplitude (loudness) as she can until the glass literally reaches its’ breaking point. In other words, the structural integrity of the glass was compromised by the impact of too much resonant vibration. This is an extreme example of stimulus and result, but it conveys alot. Another, more applicable example, is to imagine sitting at a piano and striking once and holding the middle C key. At first all you would hear would be the middle C note proper, and yet as the note is sustained, other harmonics become audible, which are natural overtones of that note as the string vibrates. However, other strings that were not even struck will begin to vibrate, in fact, only those strings tuned as to be harmonically related to middle C will vibrate enough to become audible. This is phenomena is commonly referred to as sympathetic oscillation. Imagine applying this concept to the muscles,nerves and organs of the body to move energy, or chi, for example.

4. Vibro-acoustic Stimulation – Vibro-acoustic energy is, as one would imagine, quite tactile, or kinesthetic. This approach can be used with either stereo sytems with moderate or better bass response, or with sound tables, which are designed to deliver a vibro-acoustic experience. In this way it is not only the ears, but the body that hears these sound frequencies. Generally, frequencies within a certain range (Low Frequency or LF, not ELF or Extremely Low Frequency) are experienced as a pleasant massage-like feeling throughout the body. The amplitude level directly affects experiential intensity, and it is wise to stay within moderate limits, as the eardrums can become sensitive with over-exposure, yet of course this is true with any audio source. As this approach is like an audio massage, people usually report a very deep sense of calm, a serene trance state with a good feeling of residual relaxation and reduced stress. Imagine a temple full of monks chanting OM, this is a good approximation of the vibro-acoustic experience.

Based on this information, we have developed combined methods of producing both kinesthetic (systemic) and auditory (brainwave) entrainment, allowing also for hemispheric synchronization without the use of isolated binaural beats when stereo headphones are used. In addition, we rely on artistic sensibility and intuition to produce healing/trance compositions. The purpose of these methods is to produce highly effective recordings that will work with headphones, stereo systems, and sound tables. By addressing both the mind and body simultaneously, states that support accelerated healing can be generated very easily, cheaply, and with repeatable results. Of course the afforementioned techniques are only part of the equation. When these methods are used in synergistic combination with tasteful, pleasant, and artistic compositions, the listener not only enjoys the benefits of these sounds, but will look forward to these sessions and gladly incorporate them into their health maintainance program.

The bottom line benefits :

Deep Relaxation

Reduction of stress, both physical and mental

Easy access to trance and meditative states

Emotional release

Sleep enhancement

Anxiety reduction

Ability to target specific brainwave states of Alpha, Theta, Delta, etc.

Trigger the release of endorphines, beta-endorphines, melatonin, seratonin, catecholamines

Reduction of heart rate and blood pressure

Increased cellular calcium and oxygen

Increased bone density (used by NASA)

Enhanced creativity

Improved memory


By combining therapeutic approaches synergistically with audio entrainment technology, it is foreseeable that the recipients of such approaches would benefit greatly and exhibit inspiring states of health and well-being.

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Author biography :

Leigh Spusta is a behavioral scientist, hypnotherapist, and Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator specializing in the use of sound frequencies to produce deep, relaxing trance states. He has worked with several therapists in Los Angeles, producing a variety of therapeutic audio cds. Leigh combines his talents as a musician and his knowledge of hypnosis and related states, in an effort to pioneer new approaches in creating rich, resonant sound-scapes for greater efficacy in healing and meditative products. Leigh is the developer of the proprietary PsimatiX(tm) therapeutic approaches and technologies.

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