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Vibro Belt Is It As Effective As Other Available Ab Toners

Review Summary

Vibro Belt is one of many abdominal toning belts currently being sold online. There are several of these belts that claim to deliver similar promises with slight design and functionality differences. When considering a purchase like this, insiders say it is important for people to get plenty of information about their options. This particular belt is said to vibrate the abdominal muscles into tighter and more toned tummies. The official website states it can be used on various parts of the body for other toning. In addition, the maker states that diet and exercise are necessary for the best results.


The maker of this product refers to it as a vibrating massage belt. Like other abdominal belts, this one is made to fit around the waist, where it supposedly delivers results. Though, some sources say it is quite bulky when compared with other similar products and includes an AC adaptor for plugging in.


At the writing of this review, the maker of the Vibro Belt is offering a free trial period when consumers send in a fee of $14.95. After the trial period, they are billed the full price of $119.96. While other belts may come at a higher price tag, they often come with longer guarantees too. One particular abdominal toner belt comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, while the belt in review comes with a 30 day guarantee.


Unlike other ab belts of this nature, this particular product works with vibrations. As the maker states, it is a vibrating massage belt. Others, like the Flex Belt, cause the abdominal muscles to actually contract as it sends electronic wavelengths into the muscle. This belt, however, vibrates on top of the skin, causing no contractions. This ab toning belt is said to offer several intensity levels, as many similar belts do. However, because it is a massager, it also reportedly delivers optional rotation directions as well.

Final Thoughts

Abdominal toning belts come with many differing features and different promises as well. This product recommends diet and exercise to achieve a slimmer midsection. It is considered a massaging belt and features several adjustable settings and programs. The system comes with a diet and exercise guide, further suggesting workouts are required for results with this machine. The Vibro Belt does not deliver muscle contractions but seems to work on a whole different method, massaging the muscles rather than tensing and releasing them. When looking for the right abdominal workout belt, it is said that consumers should research their options carefully. The links below can provide additional information.


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