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Vision problem – use contact lenses for accurate vision

Now days with the speedy social core, man has seriously been involved in its affairs and consequently gets the vision problem. One reason may be his way to lead his life in a carefree way, working continuously with out halting for a moment.

There are huge catalogues of ailments regarding your eyes. The two most important are Myopia and Presbyopia, generally known as near and far sightedness. These ailments generally effect your sight and the distance of the object.

Myopia is caused due to the elongation of eyeballs. The basis of myopia is the habit of looking at an object or reading something for longer periods of time. It can be estimated that children inherits this faculty of ailment during their school periods, out of excessive learning of books.

Myopia can be caused from the strain on your eyes, pressures, and frustrations. This disease can also be inherited out of mental strain or psychological issues. It may be out the anxiety or nervousness of your incoming future.

Prebyopia is the ailment where the gazer can see a thing at a distance but cannot identify that particular thing when neared. But it a mature disease appears during 40 to 46 years of age.

Contact lenses in all these cases give you the license to lead your life in a different way, free from the tension and worn out dandy spectacles. Contact lenses in with all its distinct genres are labeled rtificial intraocular lenses”(IOLS), approved by FDA in 1981.

Monofocal lenses can correct your vision at only a single distance. These types of lenses are useful for the cataracts patients with indistinct vision, at a particular distance. In some cases patients remain unable to get perfect vision or uncomfortable to look at certain objects at both distance or even at middle distance. They can be benefited via using multifocal contact lenses in place of monofocal contact lens. The use of toric lenses can be perceived for the patients of astigmatism. There are mainly two forms of toric lenses, namely Staar surgical and Acry sof IQ toric lenses. Former can correct up to 3.5 diopters of astigmatism, the later can correct astigmatism between 1.5 and 3.0, respectively. In case of lenticular astigmatism, all sorts of toric lenses are very effective. In the field of presbyopia, monovision contact lenses are quite handy. Patients of presbyopia in both eyes will gain a good comprehensive vision after the surgical incorporation of monovision contact lens. Acry sof Natural contact lens is very useful as it is endowed with a transparent yellow layer to filter UV rays (Ultra Violet Rays) or blue lights of the sun. Patients who prefer to wear Piggyback lens (the lens covered over the first), should gain perfect vision via establishing two lenses at the same time. There are also some sort of extra beneficial role which a contact lens used play. Sometimes you often suddenly get a headache under the scorching sunbeams, which your hat doesn prevent from creating an effect in your head. Researchers have found that wearing color contact lenses can reflect the deadly rays and virtually protect your eyes more effectively than the your sunglasses. Thus contact lenses have a versatile role to perform.

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