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Visiting a Bridal Salon

There are many different aspects to consider as you peruse through hundreds of wedding gowns searching for that perfect dress. These days, bridal salons are available to help brides make the numerous, nail biting decisions their special day demands. Many brides will even make it a point to visit a couple of different bridal salons to get a clearer idea of what dress they want before ordering it.

Visiting a bridal salon is somewhat of a new practice that brides are utilizing to help make the wedding planning process a bit less stressful and a bit more enjoyable too. Visiting a couple of different bridal salons, before choosing one to exclusively work with, will enable you to sift through the multiple different styles and options available. Different bridal salons will carry different dress styles, and sampling as many options as possible can enable you to be happy with your final selection. Many brides find it helpful to take some of their bridesmaids, or even their mothers, along with them for moral support and honest opinions.

When you decide to visit a bridal salon, you want to plan a specific day with your entourage to make sure everyone can attend. Simply call the bridal salons in your area that you want to visit and see if appointments are necessary, or if walk-ins are preferred. If appointments are necessary be sure to give yourself a few hours at each salon so that you may take your time trying on and considering each dress that caught your eye. For the salons that do not require appointments, consider saving them for when you have extra time in between or after the appointments you have made.

Each bridal salon is unique, and therefore, you should expect a different experience at each one. The way that the salon functions will depend on the type of salon you visit and how formal it is. For instance, at extremely formal and chic bridal salons, you will need an appointment in advance, and you will be assigned an experienced employee who is will assist you throughout the day. This employee will give you a fitting room, and ask you about your preferences before they start bringing you an abundance of dresses to try on. At less formal salons, you might be free to browse through the selection of available dresses, picking out the ones that catch your eye. In each salon that you visit, it is important to inquire about the rules that they have established.

When you become familiar with how the salon functions, feel free to stay and try on as many dresses as you can in the time that has been allotted. You might want to bring a notebook or a camera, and have one of your bridesmaids write down or take pictures of the styles and sizes that you like the best.

Once you have tried on a few dresses, you will probably start to have a good idea of the type of dress style that you think will be best for you. This will make going to bridal salons in the future even easier since you now have a good idea of what you like and what you do not like.

If you have chosen a bridal gown that you feel is “the one,” you can order it directly through the salon with the help of their staff. The employees will gladly take your measurements and order you a dress that best adheres to those measurements.

After the salon has ordered the dress and it has arrived back at their location, you will make another appointment for your first dress fitting. Generally, your first dress fitting should be a few months before your wedding. As you go in and try on the dress, the salon workers will take notes on what needs to be taken in, taken out, and hemmed.

Depending on the salon, you might have two or even three more dress fittings before your big day. This is also depending on the type of dress you have, and how many alterations need to be done on the dress. As you get closer to your wedding day, you will schedule the final dress fitting with the bridal salon. Many times the bridal salon will prepare your gown by cleaning and pressing it for you, and should have it ready for pick up with plenty of time to spare. You will usually keep the bridal gown at the salon until a day before your wedding, since it is the safest place for it to be kept. Depending on the bridal salon you choose, many places also offer cleaning and pressing after the wedding is over, so that you may preserve its beauty for many years to come.

Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and family events, often focusing on one item such as a  bridal salon .

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