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Vitiligo Clinical Features And Its Treatments

Vitiligo is a pigmentation muddle in which the cells that endow the skin with the color are shattered which results in white patches that from time to time start appearing on the skin as well as in diverse parts of the body. Parallel patches also become visible on both the mucous membranes which are tissues that line the inside of the mouth and nose, and the retina. The hair that grows on areas affected by sometimes turns white. It is a circumstance in which white patches develop on the skin. Any location on the body can be affected, and most people with vitiligo have white patches in a lot of areas of the body.  Clinical Features of Vitiligo Disease:  Vitiligo is an acquired disease of skin characterized by depigmentary macules of various shapes and sizes, from pinhead to as large as involving almost whole body .the earliest lesion is pale white, ill defined .At first the patches are small but they gradually increase in size the lesions enlarge peripherally and coalesces to form large patches. Rarely patches may be red or erythematous but usually they show depigmentation with slightly hyperpigmented and sharp borders. Some times the borders may be red or slightly elevated.  The lesions have a roughly symmetrical bilateral distribution especially on exposed areas, interginous areas, about body orifices. The hair in involved area may become white (leucotrichia).  Some area may show only partial loss of melanin pigment, particularly early in the course of evolving patches. There is however strong tendency for total loss of pigment in the patches as time passes. Rarely does it ay become universal in extent so that melanin pigment remains only in the eyes (PSEUDOALBINOS). Occasionally it may develop in zostiform nerve, segmental or linear distribution patterns. When we think about vitiligo treatment, we should know about the history of the patient whether he or she receives this disease by means of hereditary, development of autoimmune system due to infections or auto antibodies. Moreover, geographical changes affecting the color of the skin such as the darker the more possibility of this disease and the distress or severe illness can also disturb the functioning of melanocytes produces special cells like melanin cells having yellow, brown or black pigments determines to maintain the human skin color. Its also protect the sunlights ultraviolet rays can turn into tan color. When the skin color maintains in normal condition means normal pigmentation.  There is no doubt the vitiligo cure need additional effective. Our Anti vitiligo Oil has been over marked and proven track record since 1996. Our herbal oil is pure and have formulated on specific herbs duly tested and approved by our recognized Scientific Research Institute.  Vitiligo patients could view vitiligo pictures on website http://www.antivitiligooil.com/vitiligo-pictures.htm to get awareness about vitiligo skin disorder conditions.  Vitiligo Treatment In USA :  Anti vitiligo oil is a best herbal oil for vitiligo skin disorder white patches . This herbal vitiligo treatment have treated thousands of vitiligo patients in all over the United States of America (USA) and worldwide with high excellent results.


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