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Warming Up Hair Color

Women and even men are using hair color more than ever to enhance their natural shade, deepen the tone, provide lowlights and cover gray.

This season’s most popular hair color choices are brunette and warm shades of red. The trend started in Hollywood when actresses who darkened their hair for film roles discovered that they liked being a brunette and kept the color.

So why has brunette become such a popular shade? Perhaps because roughly 60 percent of American women are natural brunettes and they are opting to keep their locks dark to complement their skin tone and eye color.

Evaluating your skin tone and eye color is the first step to selecting the best shade for you. If you have fair skin and blue eyes, a cool brown will most likely flatter you. With a peachy complexion and green eyes, warm reddish brown is going to complement your look. If you have a medium or dark complexion and dark eyes, a brown with gold undertones would be your best bet.

After every color service, you can lock in your vibrant new color and restore the natural pH level with a sealant such as Ion Color Solutions Color Defense After Color Sealing Treatment. It contains vitamins A and E to protect hair from damage; Panthenol and silk protein add body and shine. To prolong color, you can use it after every shampoo.

Using maintenance products designed just for brunettes will also help to keep your color fresh. These products bring out the warmth and depth of your brunette shade and extend the life of your hair color. The For Brunettes Only line includes two shampoo formulas-for darker and for lighter shades. Each enhances tones and enlivens highlights and gently removes dulling residue. The conditioner for all shades is made to hydrate, protect and add life to dry, coarse hair, control frizzing and improve the depth of color. The line also includes two styling products-a style and finishing cream and a styling spray-plus a polishing serum to enhance shine.

If you see your color fading, you can revive it with a color-henhancing or -replenishing shampoo and conditioner. Quantum Browns Daily Color Replenishing shampoo and conditioner are formulated for daily use and gently cleanse and moisturize hair while incrementally de-positing color to all shades of natural or tinted brown hair.

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