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Ways to Keep Your Feet in Sandal Wearing Condition

After a harsh winter where most people’s feet are hidden by boots and heavy socks, it takes a little TLC to get your toes in tip top shape for summer’s more revealing styles. Thankfully, there are a myriad of products available to get your feet primed for sandals that can take your tootsies from drab to fab with consistent use.

For folks who suffer from edema, eczema, psoriasis or poor circulation, one great product to invest in is the Detox Foot Spa. Though it looks like just a standard foot whirlpool massager, the detox spa actually helps to rehydrate, re-energize and rebalance your entire body by drawing out toxins. All you have to do is fill the tub with water and add the low-sodium salt packet, and you will actually see the water turn from clear to murky as the toxins are flushed from your feet. Not only will you emerge refreshed and revitalized, this 30 minute treatment will also leave you with a spring in your step.

While a relaxing foot bath is the first step in prepping feet for summer’s revealing styles of sandals, most people need a bit more help erasing the neglect of a winter hidden by boots and shoes. When feet are left unmoisturized for months, suffocated in hot shoes that can also be ill-fitting, the skin produces calluses to toughen them up to prevent blisters. These hardened layers of skin are rough, ugly and difficult to get rid of.

They don’t respond to most moisturizers and often must be cut or scraped off to reveal the new skin below. But for those who are plagued by calluses there is now an easier solution that will put an end to the blades and files once and for all. Callus Blaster is a triple action gel that absorbs in minutes helping to exfoliate and remove dead skin. Callus Blaster smoothes out dry, cracked skin without painful cutting or scraping. Treat your feet to a triple-action gel that penetrates in minutes, exfoliates and removes dead skin. Made from an acid-free all-natural formula, Callus Blaster won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin and with daily use will eliminate calluses entirely if used regularly. No more trips to the podiatrist. Instead, you’ll be getting your callus-free feet pedicured and ready to shine.

For those who prefer to treat their calluses with a buffing system rather than creams or lotions, the Cordless Electric Pedicure System is a great sway to slough off dead, dry skin quickly and easily. This painless system features a two-speed stainless steel rotary blade with three disc attachments to file, smooth and polish feet to impeccable softness. The no mess Cordless Electric Pedicure System operates on two batteries and comes with two replacement blades.

Another common problem that can make you want to hide your feet all summer long is toenail fungus. Yes, unfortunately, this horrible affliction turns nails from clear to crusty brown or yellow and can be quite stubborn if not treated properly. Thankfully, there is now a great over-the-counter product that is recommended by podiatrists and dermatologists that actually works to eliminate unsightly nail fungus. ClearNails is a roll-on topical treatment that penetrates beneath toenails to the skin underneath to kill fungus at its root. It is 100% natural and organic so it is safe even for those with sensitive skin. Used twice daily. ClearNails will get rid of toenail fungus for good and just one vial will last up to four months.

Just like toenail fungus yet another pedi-hazard of keeping your feet captive in heavy, ill-fitting winter shoes are painful corns. When toes get a little too close for comfort or the ball of your foot just rubs repeatedly in one spot this is the perfect environment for a corn to thrive. Corns are cone-shaped protrusions that point into the skin and usually occur on areas that bear little weight. These little bumps can be quite painful and since they point into they skin they almost look like they have a root. Since shaving them down only really levels the skin off without eliminating this “root,” a better treatment option is to use a Corn Wart Stick to dissolve all of the corn. Just rub the non-irritating stick on the affected area daily until the corn or wart dissolves and this painful nuisance will just dissolve leaving you with healthy, beautiful, discomfort-free feet.

From corns and calluses to the ever-icky toenail fungus a winter of hiding your feet in hot, cramped boots and heavy socks can take quite a toll on your tootsies. With summer now approaching it is time to shed the layers and give your toes some much needed TLC to get them in sandal-ready shape. With creams, buffers, ointments and foot spas you can nurse even the most damaged tootsies back to prime health letting you escape a sandal scandal for some flip flop fun in the sun.

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