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What A Foot Detox Machine Actually Does

The need for a foot detox machine has been around for many years. Originally, warm springs were used to relax the body and speed up the release of toxins through the feet. There is a story that takes place over a thousand years ago, regarding a pilgrimage of many sick people. These people were searching for a place to rest their exhausted bodies. A warm spring was found and they placed their feet in the spring before going to sleep.

In the morning, they awoke feeling refreshed and healthier than ever. The group made it back to their homes from their lengthy pilgrimage. Upon return, their doctors found that their sicknesses had diminished. Word of this occurrence spread between villages and many people decided to make the same pilgrimage to the warm spring, in hopes that their illnesses were remedied as well. Many physicians believe that detoxification can be readily achieved in this manner.

Today’s Foot Spa

Hot springs contain many minerals, so there are many foot detox machines that also come with these minerals added, the use of ion producing mechanisms, and also the addition of herbs. The body is able to be rejuvenated through the use of a foot spa, as well as having reduction in fatigue and other stress related illnesses. Other benefits of foot detoxification can include; better circulation, relief from insomnia, reduced headaches, and easing pain in injuries.

Truths in Foot Detox

It’s hard to know what to believe in the media today, with different articles on what foot detox machine is the best. There has been research done on just how useful foot detoxification actually is. These stats show that it does in fact help to relieve stress and fatigue, as well as energizing the body. All of these can improve health and decrease the amount of illnesses contracted, but boosting the immune system. Foot detoxification is able to help with the following:

?Promote Weight Loss  ?Relieve Tension  ?Improve Oxygen Levels  ?Reduce Inflammation in the Feet  ?Reduce Pain in Muscles or Lymph Nodes  ?Can Assist With Many Skin Problems

The addition of herbs and spices to a foot detox machine can be beneficial as well. Any of the following additives are generally found in most kitchens, or easily obtained, and can be added to the water:

?Pine Needles  ?Green Tea  ?Lemon or Orange Peels  ?Ground Ginger, Garlic, or Hot Pepper  ?Dried Radish or Carrot Leaves  ?Corn Silk  ?Maize  ?Bamboo Leaves

There are many foot detoxification machines on the market that are reasonably priced and readily available. One of these systems is described below:

Foot Detox Machine with Basin DT007A

This machine comes with a built in basin, so there is no need to find a tub that is the right size for foot detoxification. Extremely easy to use and handle, the DT007A has a timer available to keep track of how long the spa has been in use. A timer eliminates the need for a watch or to keep glancing at the clock to track the time past. This doesn’t make for a very relaxing detoxification moment when keeping track of time has to be performed.  Included with this system:  ?2 Fuses  ?2 Wrist Bands  ?2 Arrays  ?Ion Cleanse  ?Basin  ?Power Cord  ?Instruction Manual

Finding the foot detox machine that can help regain the internal balance for living a healthy life is a huge step towards improving one’s overall wellness. It is also a great way to prevent the occurrence of illnesses that can possibly become debilitating. The DT007A comes right from the factory and is one of the cheapest on the market today.

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