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What All The Fuss About Detox

Detox Dieting for weight loss

By now, most of us have heard of detox dieting. Detox dieting is a method of cleansing the body systems in order to produce leaner?detoxified cooperative bodily functions. Detox dieting can help alleviate constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stomach pain, skin problems, a bloated stomach, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and much more. Detox dieting can even help decrease chronic pain.

Detox dieting can contribute to weight loss. How? The body is programmed to sustain itself on natural foods and ingredients. The additives we place in our bodies are quite foreign to them and despite the fact that our bodies have had these toxins in our systems all our lives, it still is not equipped to handle them. Much of out body weight retention has to do with the chemicals and toxins that our bodies hang onto. Detox dieting for weight loss cleanses the systems and allows a more free flowing distribution of nutrients and useable energy.

Detox dieting for weight loss is not a permanent lifestyle. You can expect to lose twenty or thirty pounds by detox dieting for weight loss. However, some people have reported losing between five and even in some cases close to twenty pounds. Detox dieting for weight loss is a good way to cleanse your body and get a jumpstart on a lifestyle change that will contribute to long term weight loss.

Too Polite to be Clean

The secret of detoxification has been well kept. Not because it has been newly discovered and not because doctors and other health practitioners didn understand the benefits. The secret of detoxification has been so well kept because it not polite to discuss. Your colon holds approximately three to four times the amount of fecal matter than you eliminate when you go to the bathroom. The secret to detoxification certainly doesn make for pleasant dinner conversation.

One of the best kept secrets of detoxification is that by thoroughly cleansing your colon in particular, people lose their dependence on laxatives and over the counter fiber regulators. The muscles of your colon are meant to undulate very much like small waves in order to remove waste from the body. When a laxative is used, the muscles aren required to work very hard because most of the waste is turned into a liquid form. Repetitive use of laxatives can train your muscles to stop undulating. Now we have formed a circle of habit. You are constipated because youe muscles aren creating the waves to move waste, but your muscles won create the waves to remove the waste because you keep turning your bowels into liquid. There really doesn seem to be a method of breaking the cycle.

That is just one of the reasons why the secrets of detoxification have been kept under tight lips. Through detoxifying the intestinal tract, the entire system is cleaned out and the muscles are once again re-stimulated. Once the muscles are re-stimulated the need for laxatives and fiber stimulants is eliminated. Imagine what would happen to pharmaceutical companies if the secrets of detoxification got out. We could eliminate the need for over the counter bowel remedies.

Really the secrets of detoxification are so dramatic and unbelievable that most people truly think it has to be a scam. Detoxifying the colon and other bodily systems is the first step in regaining a positive state of health. The old saying that eath begins in the colon?is absolutely true. Autopsies consistently reveal that the colon is typically between 70 and 80% blocked from old fecal matter. In an average sized female, that is about 30 extra pounds.

How to Determine if Detoxification is Right for You

People experience all kinds of painful symptoms that seem to have little or no discernable cause. Painful symptoms may include the obvious bowel symptoms such as constipation, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, or a general feeling of ainfully full.?These painful symptoms are quite readily noticeable and can be treated most of the time successfully with a detoxification program.

Other painful symptoms can seem unrelated such as chronic fatigue, aching joints, bone pain, chronic headaches or migraines, skin problems, hemorrhoids, general aches and pains, chronic back pain, or significant tooth decay, foul breath, and a metallic taste in your mouth, these could be some of the painful symptoms indicating that a detoxification diet is in order.

Sometimes painful symptoms that seems to have no relative cause can be determined only after the cause has been taken away. It can be difficult to tell whether your painful symptoms are stemming from toxins in your body until after you go through with a detoxification program.

Many people are thrilled to realize that their painful symptoms were so easily remedied, their only regret being that they hadn heard of the secrets of detoxification years earlier. Depending on the density of toxins in the body, the age of the individual, and the overall health of the individual, toxins can cause a host of painful symptoms that no doctor or prescription has ever been fully able to relieve for any extended period of time.

Detoxification Myths

The secret of detoxification is really not all that mysterious. Although, just like any new and popular edical breakthrough?detoxification is prone to a few myths. First, detoxification is not harmful. Quite the opposite, really. Detoxification is done with all natural ingredients without harsh chemicals to promote good quality health. Just as all natural remedies and alternative medicines, detoxification is a natural process. Harsh chemicals can create an immediate and severely unpleasant response in your body. However, the use of natural methods encourages a gradual easing that doesn shock the body, so the results you achieve are much more effective and comfortable.

The second detoxification myth is that detoxification only cleanses the colon. This is not true. Detoxification concentrates on the colon, as this is where the majority of dangerous toxins are stored, but detoxification cleanses the whole body and rids all the systems of toxins, including heavy metals. Parasites, worms, heavy metals such as mercury and lead, and chemical build up are all eliminated from the system with a detoxification program.

The third detoxification myth is that all detoxification programs are all alike, and any of them will work as well as another. This is a huge detoxification myth, as there can be significant differences between detoxification programs. A high quality detoxification program will focus on more than just the colon, although the colon is extremely important to the detoxification process. A high quality detoxification program will address all toxins that include but is not limited to heavy metals, natural toxins (like mercury from fish) and chemical toxins. A high quality detoxification program will address both ingested toxins as well as toxins that are absorbed through the skin. Not all detoxification programs are alike and not all of them will effectively treat all forms of toxins and wastes. If youe going to go through the process, then you really ought to do the process correctly the first time around.

The fourth most common detoxification myth is that the colon is the only organ that stores toxins. Again, this is simply not true. Toxins that we eat, ingest, inhale, or drink collect on our cells, especially fat cells. Toxins often rest in the brain, the colon, the heart, and the kidneys until they are flushed out. Discover Magazine has been quoted to say that very living organism, including humans, have at least one or more parasites living in or on them.?We all know that parasites rob their host of vital nutrients and return their life giving kindness with even more toxic chemical pollutants.

That means that we are constantly being bombarded with things that simply don belong in our bodies. The only secret of detoxification is how well a good solid detoxification program really works.

Finding the Perfect Detoxification Program

The internet is filled with empty promises and dead ends. Searching for a high quality detoxification program that you can really trust is highly time consuming and frustrating. The program that you are looking for is all inclusive, provides well rounded cleansing rituals, and teaches you how to maintain your cleaner more functional bodily systems.

The first place I would highly recommend stopping by is detoxmanual. It offers a highly comprehensive and complete detoxification guide that can assist with any one of numerous ailments and discomforts, not to mention free the body of dangerous toxins and chemicals that are simply hindering your health. You will be amazed at the difference you feel within the first several days of your detoxification treatment.

The detoxification diet really works, giving you a new lease on life that you didn even realize you were missing until you actually experience the difference. Detoxification isn the latest fad, it has been a well guarded secret for many years. It well past time this valuable information landed in the hands of the public.

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