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What Do Detox Foot Baths Do

Detox foot baths are one of the best ways to help restore the balance of your body’s chi and your body’s meridians. These simple, safe painless and easy foot baths can be used at home to help draw toxins and impurities out of your body even as you restore natural energy. Detox foot baths operate on scientific principles to work, and can help you to become more relaxed and feel better almost immediately as you use the baths.

Detox Foot Bath Functions

A detox foot bath is a 35-minute foot bath that you can use several times per week. When you are ready to use the bath, you will immerse your feet in the special foot spa system. As you immerse your feet, an osmosis process set up by the foot bath occurs.

Osmosis is the process of molecules moving through a partially permeable membrane into a different solution with a higher concentration of molecules in order to equalize the molecules. In other words, when you expose your body to negative ions, the positive ions in your body can move through the semi-permeable membrane of your skin into the water in the foot bath. Because the skin is only a semi-permeable membrane, you don’t lose any minerals or molecules you need- you lose only the toxins, positive ions and unhealthy impurities in your body.

With a detox foot bath, the osmosis environment involves the use of negative ions. These negative ions are able to move throughout your body, attracting impurities which typically have a positive charge. Heavy metals and other toxins are pulled out of your body into the negatively charged saline solution that is located in the foot bath. At the same time, the ionized water is able to help restore the natural balance of your body.

As the toxins leave your body and your body’s chi and meridians are restored, you will start to energize the body. Your body will be more balanced and relaxed, as a whole, and you will have energy fields that are stronger and that are able to flow more freely. A number of health benefits will result from this, including a strengthened immune system and an overall feeling of improved health.

As you use your detox foot bath, not only will you be able to feel the effects of the system but you will also be able to actually see that it is working. When you are soaking the feet, the water in the foot bath will actually change color during the course of the treatment as the toxins leave your body and enter the water instead.

Detox foot baths are a preferred option for many people who want to cleanse their bodies. Simply look for a detox foot bath with a high voltage of negative ions, adjustable current control and a copper tub in order to enhance the conductivity of the ions. When you start to use your product, you will begin to enjoy better health and you will immediately wonder why you waited so long to try out a detox foot bath for yourself.


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