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What Does Tap Water Contain – The Ugly Truth Revealed

What does tap water contain  Have you ever imagined what kinds of contaminants are present in the water you get in your home? Do you know what does tap water contain and what ramifications it can have on your health?

Many people do not even bother thinking about it and just buy bottled water with the assumption that it going to be safer than tap water. Fact is ?the bottled water companies are not bound by any rule to provide filtered water to you.

The water you buy from the store is not any different from the one you get from your tap. Both of them have the same contaminants and can cause the same health problems.

What you need to watch out for  Water found in nature contains some impurities on its own. Dirt and grime, animal wastes and heavy metals ?they can all be present in the water depending on its source and its surroundings.

Add to this the waste generated from our industries and the chemicals that we introduce into the water, and you can imagine the potent mix of dangerous substances that we are drinking.

Our municipals do try to cleanse this water by filtering out the dirt and adding chlorine to it. Chlorine helps in killing off the bacteria that are responsible for water borne diseases. This makes the condition of the water slightly better than its original, unfiltered state.

The problem is ?even chlorine by itself is not sufficient to properly purify the water. It does nothing to remove the pharmaceutical drugs present in the water or the heavy metals like asbestos and lead.

Even high concentrations of chlorine are bad for us as they can lead to cancer in the long run.

The heavy metals make their way into the water supply from the pipes though which the water travels on the way to our homes. These metals are especially dangerous for children health.

How to purify your water  The best way to make sure you are drinking pure water, is to install a multi stage water purifier in your home. These purifiers use a combination of carbon filters, sub micron filters, and ion exchange mechanisms to remove all the impurities from the water.

The added advantage is ?these systems do not remove the natural minerals present in the water ?something that Reverse Osmosis filters are prone to do.

Now that you know what does tap water contain, make the right choice and protect your health from the damage that contaminated water can cause.

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