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What Exactly Is an Ionic Detox

If you have read about some of the wildest health and beauty crazes lately, you will realize that one of the wildest, but actually true crazes are about the ionic detox, which is actually an ionic foot bath that you bathe your feet in.

What is an ionic foot bath and how does it detoxify your body?

Well, an ionic foot bath works on the physics of electricity and electrical charges, which can be found in every atom and in every ionized atom. An electrical ion is basically a partial molecule which has two of the same electrons. An atom typically has two electrons in it. These electrons are electrically charged particles that circle around the atom’s magnetic field. Typically, what happens in an ionic foot bath is that you have an electric current in the water caused by a modulator, which has an electrode in it. As the electrode electrifies the water, it dissolves one of the hydrogen atoms in the water. You can see this happen when you notice the bubbling near the modulator. That’s actually the hydrogen gas escaping the water. This leaves the water molecule with one hydrogen atom with one negatively charged electron. Thus you have ionized water with a negative charge to it.

Now, what does this have to do with the toxins in your body? Well, naturally you have an electrical current in your body. Your brain and your central nervous system works by sending an electrical impulse to a part of your body to get it to function. Electrical currents are also found in each individual cell. These electrical currents also help your body expel many of the harmful toxins that we accumulate throughout our daily lives. The issue today is that we are sick. We lead an unhealthy lifestyle and have unhealthy diets. This means that all the soda pops we drink, all the chemical preservatives that are in the processed foods that we eat all have toxins. We are literally bombarding ourselves with toxins. On top of that, we have many environmental toxins that we accumulate everyday. Whether it’s air pollution from factories, cars, busses, trucks, etc., or it can be environmental toxins from inside. This means that it can be toxins from synthetic materials in your house or chemicals that you work with at your place of work. Other examples of environmental toxins can be side stream smoke if you are around smokers. You also take in toxins if you smoke yourself. You also take in toxins if you drink alcohol or take drugs, both legal, prescription, and illegal.

Like the molecules that make up the different cells in your body, the toxins in your body also have atoms and molecules. Some of these toxins, when they interact with each other can also have ions. Many times the ions in toxins can have a positive charge, thus they are attracted to the negatively charged ionized water in your foot bath. Furthermore, your feet has everything needed to get the toxins to come out of your body. What makes your feet so unique? Your feet have the largest number of crisscrossing veins and blood vessels to allow the blood to circulate through and the process of osmosis allows for the toxic molecules in your bloodstream to escape through the porous membranes of your feet’s skin and other tissues into the negatively charged water. Your feet also have the largest number of sweat glands in your entire body. This is another way that toxins can escape your body.

On the whole, having an ionic detox done can be a great thing for your body. As the toxins are out of your body, you will notice that you will feel a lot better. You will have more energy, and in general more active.

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