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What Goes Into a Full Foot Spa Detox Program

What is exactly in an ionic foot bath? Well, if you were one of the followers of this latest health and beauty craze which has taken epidemic proportions, the ionic foot bath, you are probably frustrated that you did not see any results.

Well, if you did not see any results from your foot spa detox program, you probably did not do all the right things or you never learned about what else you need to do while you use the ionic foot bath to detoxify yourself.

First, let’s talk about detoxification, how it works, and what organs typically are involved. Detoxification is basically cleaning your blood from impurities which can accumulate in our daily lives. These toxins can come from environmental pollution from both outside and inside, toxins we take in from food, and other toxins that we ingest through either drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol. All the toxins we take in get into our blood. It’s the liver’s job to filter the blood and processes the toxins to more harmless compounds which are then led to the kidneys. The function of the kidneys is to process the toxins even further and move them into the urine, which exits your body from the bladder through the urethra to either the penis in a man or the vagina in a woman. For more solid toxins, the intestines do the work. Bile is excreted from the gallbladder to help soften the solid toxins. These toxins are then turned into fecal matter and travel through your intestines and exit through the rectum. Urinating and defecating are the most common ways that our bodies naturally detoxify themselves.

When we are overwhelmed with toxins, however, it can be too much for the above mentioned organs to work and you absorb many of the toxins. These toxins then can have their affect in the body. You might not feel as good, or you might even feel tired. These are all signs that you need to detoxify.

The electrical ions in the ionic foot bath allows the liver and kidneys to be stimulated and to work better at detoxifying your body. The ionic foot bath, though playing a central role in detoxification, it should also be incorporated with diet and exercise.

Diet and the Ionic Foot Bath

Along with the sessions of the ionic foot bath, diet is very important. For example, we eat a lot of food that has chemical preservatives in it. This one of the largest sources of toxins that we ingest in our body. When having a detox regime involving an ionic foot bath, you should also start a special diet. Some of the ideas for such a diet include a wide variety of natural juices. Some of the recommended fruits for the juices include a mixture of kiwi, mango, and pineapple juice. This can be quite a tasty mixture, but you want to make sure that you use organic fruits. Avoid any fruits that look “pretty” and shiny. These fruits more than likely have chemical preservatives in them to make them look good for the display. Organic fruits tend to rot fast, because they do not have those preservatives. Get the ones that don’t look too appetizing. They may not look too appealing, but they taste just the same, if not better.

Vegetable juice is good too, especially if you are juicing. Typically, a good vegetable juice can be a mixture of tomato juice with garlic and green onions. Teas are very good as a supplement. Some interesting teas include nettle tea, but you can also enjoy mint tea and green tea.

The internet is full of good advice about how to supplement your spa detox program and you can get even more dieting instructions on there. You should also do many different exercises that are designed to relax your body. Avoid eating too many solid foods when you are detoxifying yourself, since the whole object of the liquid diet or juicing is to give your liver and kidneys a rest.

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