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What Is a Cell Spa

As ionic foot spas have become the real craze in the health and wellness crowd these days, there have appeared a wide variety of different ionic spas and foot baths that have all kinds of claims that some may be realistic and others a bit far fetch. This is one of the reasons why you need to use care before buying an ionic foot bath or spa. One of the foot spas on the market is the Cell Spa, which is the ionic foot spa brand that is sold in the category of foot spas for health and wellness. This is also a very well-known foot spa that not only comes with the usual elements of an ionic foot bath, but also is advertised to have an mp3 player, so you can listen to your favorite music while getting a wonderful foot bath.

The Cell Spa foot bath basically does everything that all the other foot baths advertise they do, but as many medical experts believe, the color of the water may not be the color of the toxins coming from your body, but the actual metal from the electrode oxidizing in the ionized water. What a great benefit that these ionic foot baths do, however, though they may have the added benefit of detoxifying your body, is that the electric current may also improve the blood circulation to your feet, thus the tingling feeling that you feel in your feet as they are in the foot bath.

Many people do like this foot bath, which typically sells for $149.95 from most vendors, but shipping and handling charges may vary from vendor to vendor. There are many people, including medical professionals who sing praises to this machine and what it can do. One physician has claimed that this particular foot spa is a great diagnostic tool in his practice. The physician who reported about this foot spa states that he is a neuropathic doctor and states that this machine does detoxify the body.

The above mentioned physician is not the only person who talked about ionic spas and all claimed that they like them. One other person also claimed that she has tried it out when her friend has brought it to her place after getting it delivered to her. This person claims that the experience she had was absolutely amazing.

Though there are many people who like these ionic foot spas, many of them do believe that they are a scam due to bad experiences. Though there is something to these spas and they do work, you need to take some precautions and do not replace your personal physician with the ionic foot spa. In some cases, if you have certain health issues, especially concerning your heart or cardiovascular system, you might not want to get an ionic foot spa.

Other good brands that compete with the Cell Spa brand include Ionic Cleanse, Aqua Detox, and others. Some of them do have higher quality according to some reviews who rate the individual spa devices by different pass fail credentials, which include the CE requirements for the European Union, flammability, radiated emissions, and other categories. You want to do your own research, however, and see which one works best for you.

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