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What is an Ionic Detox Foot Bath

In our age of technology, there are many new gadgets for sale on the market. One of the hottest new trends are detox foot baths. But, what is an ionic detox foot bath? This article will explain what it is and why you might consider purchasing one.

An ionic detox foot bath works with the reflexology points in the soles of your feet, as those points are triggered by the bath your body releases toxins and waste out through the feet. It is an easy process, everything that you need is included with the detox foot bath kit so that you can detoxify whenever you would like.

At this point you may be asking: Why should we detoxify? Our bodies collect toxins and waste from many different things that we come in contact with on a daily basis. The pollution in the air, preservatives in our food, and natural body waste collects in our bodies. As this waste collects, the toxins begin to weigh down the body. A buildup of toxins can cause many problems, such as: a weakened immune system, weight gain, fatigue, and a lack of energy and focus.

Because these toxins are so abundant in our environment, it is necessary to detoxify regularly to assist the natural waste management processes in our body. An ionic detox foot bath is a simple and quick way to detoxify, you set up the foot bath as directed, plug it into the wall, and then start soaking your feet.

When the ionic detox foot bath is plugged in and turned on, small electric currents run through the water– which in turn causes the ions in the water to become slightly charged. The positive charge in the water stimulates the reflexology points in your feet, resulting in the negative ions (toxins) in your body to be dispelled through the pores of your feet in a concentrated form of sweat. You can actually see the waste collecting in the water of the foot bath!

Detoxification is a much easier process than you think, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. But the benefits of using an ionic detox foot bath are tremendous: your immune system will strengthen and you will have more energy because you are no longer weighed down by toxins. Everyone should have a detox foot bath in their home, it gives you the flexibility to detoxify from the comforts of your own home!

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