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What is an Ionic Foot Treatment

The Ionic Foot Spa is Soothing your feet in warm salt water, charged with millions of ions recharge your body and begin to neutralize the aging process and expel toxins from your body in an easy and relaxing treatment that creates a stimulating and relaxing experience while drawing harmful toxins from the body. It creates both Positive and Negative Ions to re-energize the Body. It Energizes and helps revitalize the body’s life-force. The Ionic Detoxify Unit uses a direct current to perform electrolysis on the water. The direct current originates from an alternating current from a wall outlet. The Ionic foot bath has received the highest safety approvals, making it the safest purifying foot bath available on the market.

The sessions helps to improve your health in a natural and efficient way without drugs, pills, pain or side effects! As therapists we are able to offer realistic and professional advice to our clients. Often times vender’s market their products and services to their clients but fail to provide the much needed support and marketing assistance to help insure that their clients are successful selling the product.

Ionic foot treatments or sessions are great however the Ionic detox foot pads, are an amazing. Originating from Japan and Korea- works to cleanse your system while you sleep! You simply wear the patches on the soles of your feet while sleeping at night, and discard the patches in the morning. The natural ingredients will remove toxins via the lymph system as you are sleeping, usually resulting in a brownish sticky residue in the patches. The origin and history of the detox pad The ionic foot patch is a relatively new alternative holistic maintenance care however the concept has been around since the early fifteenth century. In 15th century, during the end of Muromachi period (1333 – 1573 AD), Japanese’s alternative medicine was on the rise and the practice of alternative medicine became a profession that attracted some of the best minds in the country. The Japanese know then that Diseases were the direct result of imbalance from the interaction between the person’s constitution and the environment, both external and internal, which forms the context of the person’s life.

The foot pads are worn on the feet for a couple of reasons – the feet are considered in Oriental medicine to be “the second heart” – that is, they help pump return circulation of blood and lymph back up into the torso. With most of our time sedentary these days, this natural pumping action is inhibited and circulation tends to bog down around the feet, ankles and lower legs. The feet are one of the holographic reflex areas of the body, containing information about the various parts of the body. If there are toxins present on a specific reflex, then simply place the patch over the area to help facilitate the toxin cleansing process.

The Benefits of Detoxification:

The foot treatment initiates the process of re-balancing your body’s bio-energy. Effectively re-balancing the cells equilibrium of positive and negative ions which, in turn, ‘kick starts’ the dispersal of the unwanted toxins. The renewed re-balancing of the cells ensures re-hydration resulting in optimum efficiency of their function to extract nutrients and dispose of unwanted waste. The result will be renewed energy levels, both physical and mental, with a general feeling of well being.

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