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What is detox foot spa machine?

What is detox foot spa machine?

uses of foot spa machine  

detox foot spa machine-ARG Dual detox foot spa machine with Belt (ARG722B) is a fast,effective and non-invasive way of stimulating and balancing the bio-energetic. It is strongly recommended that you follow a regular and continuous Detox stimulation and detoxification programme.The Dual detox foot spa machine ionizes the water in the footbath by the interaction between the arrays, the water and the salt. This results in an electromagnetic field that stimulates your body bio-energetically via the feet or hands. The result is that your body can detox safely and at its own pace, by mobilizing residues and wastes stored within the body. detox foot spa machine This detoxification happens mainly after treatment and is likely to take place via the organs of detoxification i.e. the kidneys, liver and skin.This detox foot spa machine with Infrared is a professional grade foot detoxification machine. This machine generates negative ions that help the body’s natural detoxification processes work more efficiently. It includes a far infrared belt that functions separately from the foot detox, allowing them to be used in any combination!
Your New detox foot spa machine Specs:
1.detox foot spa machine- Two great therapies in one device – Ionic detox and far infrared therapy (FIR). During foot detox sessions, you can also use the FIR belt to relieve muscle aching, increase the cell’s activities and accelerates blood circulation. FIR belt may also be used independent of ionic detox. Three different intensity levels are available for the FIR belt.
2. detox foot spa machine-User Friendly – includes three ionization intensity levels and treatment time control. Note: For all levels of ion intensity, the unit provides positive electrode polarity (negative ionization) for the first 10 minutes, negative electrode polarity (positive ionization) for the middle 10 minutes and positive electrode polarity (negative ionization) for the final 10 minutes.
3. detox foot spa machine Capable of logging the total number of sessions and total treatment time across multiple sessions.
4.detox foot spa machine  110/120 volt
5. detox foot spa machine Safe to Operate – It has passed the CE (European Conformity) electrical safety standards.
6.detox foot spa machine  Operates at 15 Volts, 0-2.5 Amps and 45 Watts.
Package including:
1 x Ionic Detox Machine
1 x array,
1 x wrist strap,
1 x power cord,
1 x Infrared FIR belt
1 x instruction manual.
1 x Aluminum carrying case
About US:
MAIKONG is a registered trademark in the USA, Europe and China. We have proudly designed our own products and successfully created our own brands in the industries. In order to provide the peaceful shopping experience,our dedicated customer service teams can response to all the requests within 24 hours. All the returns and exchanges will be processed within 3 days.We honor 30 days’ return on any products customers are not satisfied. Being our customer is a wise choice!


What is detox foot spa machine advantage ?

Improve blood viscosity
Improve blood pressure
Improve blood fat
Improve blood sugar
Fast relief constipation
Remit lumbar muscle fatigue, injuries
Ant oxidation, delaying senility
Try to regulate gynecologica symptoms, to prevent the skin aging, nourish and whiten your skin
Enhance liver detoxify, improve edema, arthritis, gout, rheumatism and so on
Regulate al kinds’ pain of rheumatism, slow down inflammation, passive congestion
Adjust the nerve function, to eliminate fatigue, insomnia, refreshed, enhance memory
Enhance cel activity, strengthen the cel repair and copy ability, increase metabolism, promote harmfu substances emitted
Improve blood circulation, loose vascular smooth muscle, to make blood-vesse outspread, accelerate the blood, and improve the ability to resist oxidation of hemoglobin
Rapidly eliminate the drug allergy and alcoho poisoning
Have obviously function for beriberi, chicken eye disease
Enhance physique.
Enhance immunity. Prevent type lesions, from the sub health to health
WHAT IS Disadvantages of detox foot spa machine

detox foot spa machine-Although the detox foot spa machine seems to offer several health benefits and does not cause any serious side effects, some health experts are not very convinced of its efficacy. The controversy is rooted from the several observations and laboratory tests that show the water will change in color, whether the feet had been submerged into the water or not. Some experts have come to the conclusion that the change in water color is said to be due to accumulation of rust when the electrodes are corroded.

What is ion therapy and how does it work?

The detox foot spa machine is a high-tech water detoxification system that facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. The detox foot spa machine is a water foot-bath that utilizes steel electrodes, which cleans, balances and enhances bio-energy, a vital force present in the body’s fluids.
The Ion Cleanse system purifies and cleanses the body through the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their charge, are chemically reactive and create powerful changes. Ionic footbaths produce an abundance of the same kind of beneficial ions that you breathe on the beach or near a waterfall.

What do the water colors mean?

We currently do not use color charts. There is no scientific evidence backing up any20color chart as to where in the body the specific colors are coming from. You must understand, what is coming out of the body is microscopic and may not always be visible. The color cannot diagnose what you are detoxifying. Lets just say you are detoxifying in general the whole body and organs. We can match up the colors according to what organ was detoxified but the truth is that you will see many colors. So how does anyone know that one single color is coming directly from a single organ that you just detoxified? You may detoxify more than one organ in one session. Until there is some documentation, detox foot spa machine-​we suggest any interpretation of water the color to be viewed with some skepticism.


detox foot spa machine-​However, if you are interested, this is the color chart which is in commonly utilized. Judge for yourself depending on your intake and the colors which coordinate with your session. It is just difficult to only pinpoint one color since it will turn many colors during your session and they mix. These colors do hold truth but do not entirely base your session on this chart

Yellow Green– kidney, bladder, prostate, gynecological problems
Orange Brown -arthritis, rheumatism
Black– liver, alcohol, respiratory problems
Brown -liver, smoking, free radicals, waste products
Black Flakes -heavy metals, diabetes, tetanic
Red Patches -blood clots, bruised easily
Dark Green– gall bladder, cardiovascular problems, indigestion
White Bubbles -lymphatic toxins, allergy, irregular mensus
White Cheese– yeast, poor enzymes, constipation
Oil Film– fats, triglycerides-detox foot spa machine​

detox foot spa machine

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