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What is the notice to clean the detox foot spa ?

     a. Use the special cleansing liquid of detox foot spa .
     b. The cleansing liquid dips the whole detox foot spa .
     c. According to the using time of the detox foot spa , choose the dipping time, usually, 5-20 minutes. Short dipping and cleaning time for the new device, but it needs to dip a longer time if use very often. The principle is to clean the heads material to new degree, but can’t be dipped too long, or it will impact its usage life.
      d. Wash it under the tap water after dipping.
      e. Finally, dry the ion heads with electrical dryer and put them back to the metal box.
      f. The cleansing liquid has causticity. Put it in a safe place out of the child’s reach.
      g. The cleansing can be used for 4-6 times repeatedly. Cover the glass after dipping.

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