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What is the notice to the detox foot spa ?

      a. The secure voltage, 0~24V of the device is switched from the low voltage, but the operating panel and control box should be away from water.
         b. Based on the different water quality and using time, the detox foot spa heads can be used for about 50 times. It is consume products. After 50 times, it needs to be changed. You can buy it in our company.
        c. For the new user, we suggest to use it once a day, about 30 minutes for every time. Then use once a week after 15 times.
     d. After using, pour the water out carefully. Don’t let the water into the upper operating panel.
     e. Clean the detox foot spa after using. Then dip it in the glass with 200ml cleansing liquid for 5 – 20 minute. Wash it after dipping. One glass of cleansing liquid only can be used for 5 times.
     f. Finally, dry the ion heads with electrical dryer. Put it back to the metal box.
     g. Please take good care of the cleansing liquid out of the child’s reach. No eating.
How to use?
     a. Prepare a regular foot bath basin. Pour into the warm water, 37-40 degree.
     b. Add some salt (Refined salt or coarse salt is better).
     c. Put the feet in the basin.
            d. Put the ion heads in the basin and turn on the device and adjust the time about 30 minutes
The whole detoxification process is safe, cosy, fast, effective, visible and tested.

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