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What makes robotic surgery Ideal

We now live in the world where there is advanced technology already. Many gadgets had been discovered to make our life easy and make our work lighter. There is also faster technology advancement in the medical field. And robotic surgery is one popular discovery. A surgical robot is used in this process even though there is no direct role of a surgeon played by this robot. You call something a robot when it is a computerized and motorized system that moves with the environment as if it is a human being. To provide feedback data on its current situation, it contains sensors, and to provide information so that the next action can be determined, a system is used to process the information. Robotic surgery is more advantageous than computer-assisted surgery because of its accuracy and ability to repeat identical motions.

Here is some business listing where you can find clinics, hospital, or medical center who offers robotic surgery:

KH Ng Colorectal & Minimally Invasive Surgery Category: colon cancer, colonoscopy procedure, colonscopy, colorectal cancer, colorectal surgeon, colorectal surgery, gall bladder surgery, general surgery, hernia surgery, laparoscopic surgery Main: Gleneagles Medical Centre #10-03, 6 Napier Road, 258499 Tel: 6475 5512 fax: 6725 8065 website: http://www.khngsurgery.com.sg/

Reyes Clinic Category: Beauty, Beauty Care, Beauty Treatment, Body Treatment, Face Threading, Hair Grooming, Hair Toupee, Hair Treatment, Hair Wigs, Halal Cosmetics Address: Reves Clinic, International Building #04-08, 360 Orchard Road, 238869 H.S. Chan Surgery Pte Ltd.

Category: Gall Bladder Surgery, Laparospic Surgery, Minimally Invasive & Laparoscopic Surgery, Oncologist, Robotic Surgery Mount Elizabeth Hospital #08-06 , 3 Mount Elizabeth, 228510 Gleneagles Medical Centre #03-01 , 6 Napier Road, 25849 Chin Chong Min Urology & Robotic Surgery Center

Category: Cancer Specialist, Incontinence Specialist, Medical, Robotic Surgery, Urologist Address: Mount Elizabeth Hospital #16-11, 3 Mount Elizabeth, 228510

Tay Khoon Hean Surgery Pte Ltd. Category: Detox Machine, Gall Bladder Surgery, Health, Health Care, Home Care, Laparospic Surgery, Minimally Invasive & Laparoscopic Surgery, Pancreas Surgery, Preventive Healthcare, Robotic Surgery Address: Oriental Venture Building #03-01, 711 Geylang Road, 389626

Centre For Gut Liver & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Category: Internist, Laparospic Surgery, Lung Cancer Doctor, Lung Health Doctor, Manual Lymph Drainage, Minimally Invasive & Laparoscopic Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Smoking related lung disease Address: Mount Elizabeth Hospital #03-09 , 3 Mount Elizabeth, 228510. Parkway East Medical Centre #04-03 , 319 Joo Chiat Place, 427989.

These systems are advantageous in the sense that they were able to overcome the obstacles that the laparoscopic surgery encountered. They give increased dexterity, give restoration to proper hand-eye coordination and an ergonomic position, and improve visualization. In addition, these systems make surgeries that were technically difficult or unfeasible previously, now possible.

These robotic surgery enhance dexterity in several ways. This instrument have increased degrees of freedom and this is proven to greatly enhance the ability of the surgeon to manipulate instruments and tissues. In addition, these systems can scale movements so that large movements of the control grips can be transformed into micromotions inside the patient.

Another important advantage is the restoration of proper hand-eye coordination and an ergonomic position. The fulcrum effect is eliminated by this robotic system and with this, there is a more intuitive manipulation of instruments. With the surgeon sitting at a remote, ergonomically designed workstation, current systems also eliminate the need to twist and turn in awkward positions to move the instruments and visualize the monitor. By most accounts, the enhanced vision afforded by these systems is remarkable. Compared to the laparoscopic camera views, this system will let you experience the 3-dimensional view with depth perception. You’ll also find the surgeon’s ability to have direct control over a stable visual field as well as the fact that it has increased magnification and maneuverability. The images that have increased resolution are combined with increased degrees of freedom and enhanced dexterity and with this, the surgeon will be able to identify and dissect anatomic structures and even construct microanastomoses.

Surgeons really find robotic surgery very helpful for them and their profession. For patients undergoing invasive surgery, this system is needed for their fast recovery.


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