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where to buy detox foot patches And really work?

where to buy detox foot patches?

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Do detox foot patches really work?

Rosamund Burton tries foot patches based on the principles of ancient Eastern medicine that detox your body while you sleep.

A frantic year of work, a family crisis and moving house have left me feeling very stressed. I never usually get headaches, but I’ve had a constant, throbbing headache for the past few months, and I haven’t been sleeping well. Other niggling complaints include stiff shoulders and aching feet.

I feel as though I need to detox and when I hear about Chinese medicine-based foot patches that work while you sleep, I decide to give them a go. I send off for a packet of 30, and a couple of days later they arrive in the mail. That evening I apply one patch to the heel of each foot, as instructed. The following morning I wake up feeling more relaxed than I have in months.

Poultice patches

Wise Feet Foot Patches are based on ancient traditional Chinese medicine recipes. They are classified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a therapeutic medical device and work like a poultice. Apparently, natural ingredients in the patches warm up and open the pores of the skin and draw out the toxins. When I remove them, they are dark brown and sticky.

For the next week, I apply the patches each night. The second morning I wake up feeling lousy, and on days three, four, five and six I’m quite irritable. Then on day seven I have a really good night’s sleep. A few days later I realise the perpetual headache has gone, I’m feeling less stressed and my feet no longer ache continually.

According to ancient Eastern medicine, toxins in the body accumulate in the feet. The body naturally detoxifies and rejuvenates itself while sleeping. These patches are said to not only assist that process, but also help eliminate some of the man-made chemicals that are often not removed by the body’s own elimination processes.

Less stressed

Traditional Chinese medicine works on the premise that there is an area on the feet that corresponds to each part or system of the body. The shoulder area is on the sole of the foot, below the little toe. I apply two patches to the soles of my feet and the following morning it is noticeable how much less tension there is in my shoulders.

Having used the foot patches for 15 days I definitely feel less stressed, my shoulders are not as stiff, my feet no longer ache and my headaches are gone. I’m also sleeping better.

Apart from a few days of feeling irritable there have been no unpleasant side effects. To me, these foot patches seem a simple, cost-effective way to give my health a bit of a boost.

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detox foot patches how to working?

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