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Why Detoxification Is Good For You

Most people have at the very least a moderate concern about their health. However in recent years many people have made the connection between the state of their health and harmful toxins that may be lurking in the body. In any industrialized nation it is practically impossible to avoid toxins. Many of us try to use only organic products in our homes and we try to buy organic products to consume whenever possible.

However those good efforts can be wiped out with one quick walk in the park. That is because the air we breath and soak up through the skin is full of toxins. We can not get around the emissions from thousands of vehicles in our neighborhood nor the pesticides and sprays that are in the air of our parks and even our homes. Even the chemicals the dry cleaner uses to clean our clothes may contain harmful toxins that our skin can absorb.

These concerns along with studies regarding the ill effects of toxins on the body have more people than ever before detoxing as much as possible. You may have only heard the term detox used to refer to those battling additions, however the same principle applies when ridding yourself of anything harmful to the body. An excellent way to rid yourself of unavoidable toxins would be to use a detoxing foot bath at the end of the day. Relaxing your feet in a foot bath is therapeutic in and of itself, but add to that the latest form of technology for removing toxins and relieving pain.

You’ll then see why many folks chose a detox foot bath. You will notice a change in the water your feet are soaking the very same day. While water itself contains toxins, about 60% – 80% of the toxins in the water may come from your own body. Ending a stress filled day by soaking your feet, may is an excellent way to start you on your own path to natural health.

The color of the water can let you know where the toxins are most prevalent in your system during the cleansing sessions. For instance, if the water is black, that could indicate toxins in the liver. If the water becomes white instead of clear, that could be a clear indication of too much yeast in the body. While orange water could mean there are toxins in the joints and so on.

Everyone is different and the level of toxicity may vary from person to person. You can rest assured however that where there is air there are toxins. Doing something natural to relieve your body of them is a very good first step. No matter what new procedure you try, a healthy diet along with daily exercise is essential for optimal health.

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