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World Renowned Toxicologist Recommends Far Infrared Heating Pads To Patients For Detoxification Of C

World Renowned Toxicologist Recommends Far Infrared Heating Pads to Patients for Detoxification of Chemical Exposure, Mold & Toxins.

Far Infrared Radiant Heat is a powerful method of detoxifying the body of chemicals, metals, mercury, pathogens, molds and other harmful materials. There is nothing that compares to far infrared radiant heat in pushing out the foreign materials from the body that can cause detrimental symptoms including: aches, pains, stiffness, skin ailments, respiratory problems, fatigue and other debilitating ailments. The good news is that the body can heal itself, if given the proper tools.

The most superior detoxification tool is Far Infrared Radiant Heat. Far Infrared saunas and far infrared heating pads are recommended for detoxing the body and preventing aging by world renowned industrial toxicologist, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger. Dr. Staninger is the author of the international environmental bestselling text the “Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Material: Regulation, Monitoring, Handling & Safety,” Lewis Publishers/CRC Press. She is the recipient of two presidential awards from Walter Lowry, former President of Martin Marietta Orlando Aerospace. She has also been awarded the prestigious 7th U.S. Army and Greater Stuttgart Award for her work during “Operation Desert Storm”. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, who was very helpful in providing me with information regarding Far Infrared Radiant Heat Pads and other far infrared equipment. She provided me with vital information that everyone should be aware of when purchasing any far infrared piece of equipment.

Dr. Staninger has been an Industrial Toxicologist for 30 years and a principal at Integrative Health System, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, which has a Far Infrared Radiant Heat and Toxicology Center located in the Lachmont Village/Hancock Park area of Los Angeles. Patients come to see her from all over the world as their own private toxicolgist for help with counteracting exposure to harmful chemicals, environmental pollutants, pathogens, mold, hazardous materials, nanotechnology, radiation and other toxins. If you have been poisoned by lethal materials then Dr. Staninger is the toxicologist you want to see. Not only is she a brilliant scientist and inventor but she has a warm and caring personality that draws people to her. In her center she uses several detoxification machines including her far infrared radiant heat equipment. Dr. Staninger believes that far infrared radiant heat is the ultimate detoxification tool and therapeutic aid to comprehensive cellular repair from exposure to hazardous materials, mold and other toxins.

All of Dr. Staninger’s patients have a far infrared radiant heat pad that they use at home to sleep with at night. The far infrared pad heats up the body and stimulates the white blood cells to do their job and push out toxins. The pad also increases circulation in the body which stimulates the production of oxygen which leads to comprehensive cellular repair. Dr. Staninger believes that all her patients should use the far infrared radiant heat pad nightly to assist with detoxification while sleeping. Many of Dr. Staninger’s patients also purchase a far infrared radiant heat rainbow to sleep with as well. The far infrared rainbow goes over the body while the pad goes under the back. This provides maximum far infrared nightly detoxification.

Dr. Staninger cautions her patients to be careful about purchasing far infrared equipment. Some equipment is made with metal or ceramic tiles in the framework, which can generate convection heat which may do cellular damage to the body. Convection heat is when the energy causing the radiation of heat goes to the outside surface of the object being heated – like a turkey being cooked in an oven. True far infrared radiant heat – heats from the core of the object and radiates the heat as radiance to the outside, as it gives cells vitality. The far infrared equipment used and sold in Dr. Staninger’s office has been tested for safety and does not use a convection metal heating system. Instead her recommended far infrared machines use active carbon fiber that generate specifically “K-bonds” as expressed in diamond bonds and has been certified by IEIA through Raman Certification since 2004. When true radiant heat is created in the spectrum of far infrared the energetic frequency is the same as a new born star in the universe or a new born baby, which she believes to be the safest heating method.

Knowing the method of heating is the first question a buyer must ask when purchasing a far infrared pad. It is hard to know whether a company is using metal heating without the verification of a scientist. The second question is whether the far infrared pad is actually emitting rays in the far infrared spectrum. The far infrared machine has to be tested to make sure the rays are actually far infrared. Far infrared heat in the correct wavelength that is necessary to detox the body effectively without doing any harm to the body. Quoting Dr. Staninger, ” When you have true far infrared the body becames young, vibrant and radiant. If you are looking older and worn out then you do not have the right equipment.” This is very important since many individuals do not know the chemical composition of the many metabolites they have been exposed to through hazardous materials, mold, or other toxins over their life time. Many types of equipment are called “Far Infrared” equipment, in the majority of cases the equipment generates a mixed energy spectrum field which contains a mixture of near, mid and far infrared. Having this mixture of energy can create convection heat, which may not aid the body in cellular repair and detoxification as well as true far infrared radiant that has passed Dr. Staninger’s minimal ice cube test.

Dr. Staninger uses several testing methods including her “ice cube test”. To test whether a machine is truly far infrared, an ice cube placed in the far infrared heat should strengthen the bond and melt slower than an ice cube placed outside the far infrared heat. The ice cube becomes 4 to 5 times stronger than the melting one outside. This is one of the testing methods, Dr. Staninger uses to show her patients and industrial clients the difference in true far infrared radiant heat.

Far infrared radiant heat does not have a photon of light and a electron spin, which then allows the body to remember how to make its own radiant heat as one becomes “RADIANT.”  Dr. Staninger makes sure her machines are emitting only far infrared radiant heat. Purchasing a far infrared pad from most companies that do not have a scientist’s approval can mean that your pad may not be truly far infrared and may contain metal and emit convection heat radiation.  Dr. Staninger’s patients feel confident purchasing the equipment recommended by “Dr. Hildy”, as they know they are in the best of hands. The equipment used and recommended by  Dr. Hildegarde Staninger is available for purchase online. Please see link below for more information on where to purchase the far infrared radiant heat pad, sauna and rainbow as used by Dr. Staninger in the Integrative Health Systems, LLC – Center in Los Angeles, CA.




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