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Zeolite Can Zeolites Be Part Of An Alternative Cancer Treatment Detoxification Program

There’s a general agreement between practitioners in both the conventional and alternative cancer treatment worlds that detoxification of heavy metals and toxins is a good thing. We get them from dietary sources, such as some processed foods or from fertilizers and sprays used on some food crops, but that is controllable somewhat in that we make our choices about what we eat. We also get them atmospherically from pollution and as a by-product of some industrial processes and depending where we live, this can be a little or a lot of uncontrollable exposure. A good cancer detoxification program should be part of your alternative cancer treatment or prevention plan.

A good cancer detoxification program is basically intended to rid your body of a bunch of the bad stuff that can lead to cancer and other diseases. Not surprisingly there are all sorts of detox programs out there to treat everything from obesity to cancer. It’s reassuring to know that practicing a cancer detox program for one ailment will almost always have a positive impact on any others you might have or want to prevent. A good cancer detox program is also good for disease prevention. One approach that I find kind of interesting is that involving something called a zeolite.

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral created when ash and lava reacted chemically to sea water. Zeolites are one of the few minerals that have negatively (-) charged ions which can attract the positive (+) ions in the toxins and heavy metals. The result is something that can best be described as a magnetic cage that can trap and store heavy metals and toxins. It then carries them out of the body as waste in the urine. So you can see how zeolites could be an attractive part of any cancer detox program. But a bit of caution is required.

You should be aware that there is also a number of zeolite products designed specifically for industrial processes, and not deemed fit for human consumption. There are between 50-60 different forms of zeolite mined in the world, two of them toxic to humans. The beneficial form of zeolite is called clinoptilolite. Sometimes one of the toxic forms of zeolite called erionite is found with clinoptilolite.

The equipment to test for erionite is very expensive and so most commercial mines don’t test for erionite since the zeolite is intended for commercial purposes and testing is an unnecessary expense. Many mines also include additives for commercial purposes that can be dangerous to ingest. When considering the use of any zeolite product for any health related matter, do your research and ensure that you are getting something that won’t harm your body.

There are dry and liquid forms of zeolites commercially available. There are several companies making several claims about zeolites suggesting one form is better than the other for various reasons. The dry powder zeolite folks are saying that the process to make the liquids destroys the magnetic cage and frees up the heavy metals and toxins to be absorbed back in to your body. The liquid zeolite folks are saying that liquids are more readily absorbed into your system at a cellular level and, subsequently more effective than the powder zeolites. Almost all suggest that zeolites can be used to absorb toxins, free radicals and heavy metals from your body.

They also promote zeolite as an immune system booster, antioxidant, as well as increasing the pH level in your body. There’s enough scientific evidence published to suggest that these claims may be somewhat true. But there’s also a bit of a marketing war going between the various zeolite companies that represents some mud-slinging and allegations that are just short of libelous, in my opinion. So it’s tough to decide which way to go when trying to find the right zeolite product.

At the very least, when choosing a zeolite product, you want to make sure that it is safe for human consumption. It should be approved by your country’s regulatory health authority, such as the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) in the US, or Health Canada. Despite the questionable track record of some federal agencies around the world, at the very least they should have some legal requirement to have ingredients posted on the labels. If the ingredients aren’t on the bottle, you may want to consider looking at something else or at least asking more questions of the manufacturer.

Another consideration is the daily intake amount you need. There’s scientific evidence that suggests between 4,000 mg to 15,000 mg per day so when researching a product make sure that it comes in a form that will allow you to get this amount without having to eat or drink several bottles at one time. One other thing to consider is that a lot of the scientific evidence that is readily available is based on research done with micronized dry powders and not so much the liquid forms.

So when looking to use zeolite as an alternative cancer treatment, whether it be for detoxification, immune system boosting, as an antioxidant, or to manage your body’s pH levels, make sure you do your research. More information can be found on my website.

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